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Whispering Shadows of Eld

In the silent veil of night, ‘neath a slender crescent moon, the silhouette of Castle Portmeirion emerged from the shadows like a forgotten dream. Its towering spires, thin and worn, stretched towards the heavens, clawing at the secrets draped behind the celestial veil. The castle, cloaked in an almost palpable shadow, seemed to commune silently …

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Whispers in the Shadowed Valey.

In the heart of a forgotten vale, where the fog hung low like a mourner’s veil, lay the Wraithmoor Cemetery. A place where the grandeur of the living met the silence of the dead, with towering mausoleums that pierced the brooding sky and statues that seemed too lifelike to be mere stone. It was a …

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In a realm where silence holds its sway.

In a realm where silence holds its sway,Where hallowed stones stand firm and grey,The church windows, vibrant, tell tales so grand,Of faith and hope, in a timeless land. The glowing cross, a beacon so bright,Guides wandering souls through the darkest night.Stained glass stories, in colors profound,Whisper ancient tales, without a sound. A serene Madonna, in …

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Where shadows merge and contours bend.

In the hush of twilight’s somber end,Where shadows merge and contours bend,An open grave does not incite fear,But marks a journey to a realm so near. Within the grasp of earth’s cold arms,Beyond alarm or dire alarms,This gothic scene of time and bone,Unveils a truth to us well known. For every dusk that veils the …

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The weight of memories.

The morning sun casts a golden hue,A warmth that penetrates the morning dew.Yet, within the heart of this sacred space,Lingers an eternal, poignant embrace. Silent whispers between the departed,Speak of love, the dearly departed.Emotions raw, sentiments deep,Echo promises they couldn’t keep. A mother’s lullaby, soft and low,Resounds for a child she once did know.A lover’s …

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Where tombstones weep.

In shadows deep where moonlight’s kiss does fade,A gothic tale in verse I shall now braid.Beneath the shroud of night, dark secrets hide,In whispered winds, the haunted souls confide. The castle stands, a silhouette of gloom,Its ancient stones consumed by endless doom.The ivy climbs, entwined with tales untold,A history of despair, in whispers cold. Within …

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Behind the shades of blue.

Nothing matters, in this vast expanse,Behind the shades of blue, a mysterious dance.Where light breaks and bleeds,In the strange night, where silence leads. On the endless road, we tread our way,But time can’t turn back, no matter what they say.Always in waiting, in waiting,For that fleeting moment of salvation.

Outside the world.

Turning to dustOur hearts are longingTo heal the wounds, a new age is dawningIf I could seeNot only hearThe voice of musicCould that awarenessSave our souls from echoed tragedies? Can we cure our pain with harmony?(You are never gonna change your world)Ride the waves, for human eyes remain to see, blindly(You are vulnerable)Will we paint …

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The Great Tribulation.

This is the greatest tribulationDon’t give in to all the fearIt will cause pain and sufferingWe can’t escapeIt’s part of our evolutionDo not dwell on elegyTrust your instinct, it will always guide the way This is the full annihilationJust give in to our fateIt will destroy all dignityWe can’t escapeThere will be no absolutionDo not …

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Silence complicates the senses.

In the desert and the silence of wordsthere are feelingswho live in the shadowswhere the sun directs its gazeto their full saturationwho are waitingAt night the shadows hangover the debrisand the emptiness inside yousilent while the sound of the seacan be heard from a distanceperforming a concert of loud voicesin there in the ceaseless search …

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