Spirits sipping 


Search through
darkness, light
That flame- 
Hear the voices
Call the names of
Those who never could
Get by,
Screaming ‘cross this
Tainted sky…
Spirits sipping
Shrill of shrew,
Fairies dance past
Midnight blue
While speaking colors
Paint the sky,
Stinging welts
To satisfy…
I walked up to
A stairway down,
Rapped on the door
That i just found
Within a burning
Lullaby, broken key-
No chords to try…
How will I get in and
Play? I’ve wasted all my
Worlds have come
To kill my song,
Words will die, then
Drift along…
Gaze into my empty
Eyes, now look away
In stark surprise
At verses that were
Never there,
Lost inside my
Final stare…