The absurd traveler of the time

There is an eternity in every fragment of time.
Eternity moves me.
Like music, it has cadence, and it envelops me.
His curls are a flutter before my eyes.
Its echoes remain,
even after this infinity,
even after having lived.
There is an immense wait in eternity,
and in the wait an immense solitude,
and in loneliness, hope and sadness …
because I do not know how to be alone,
because sadness is the perennial smile before the certainty of being …
and know that I will not be.
There is in this pause pilfered from the universe a lament,
and this lament is beautiful,
I dance hugged while I think …
while I feel all the other cries in my chest.
I dance hugged to him,
and I’m anxious not to get lost in this moment,
and discover that maybe everything has been a dream,
or that I have been,
a macabre prank of thought.