The Great Tribulation.

This is the greatest tribulation
Don’t give in to all the fear
It will cause pain and suffering
We can’t escape
It’s part of our evolution
Do not dwell on elegy
Trust your instinct, it will always guide the way

This is the full annihilation
Just give in to our fate
It will destroy all dignity
We can’t escape
There will be no absolution
Do not breathe in all the grief
Trust your instinct, it will always guide the way

Laws of time
Dictate our lives

This moment we live in will drive us faster to the arms of solitude
This torment will force us to open up the doors to our awakening.

Spread light
Let that inner force be on your side
Spread light
The path
Our fate
Put into practice what you got along the way

Tanget omnem iste horror
Contra cladem nos armemus
Te praepara

Dancing on ruins in search of more power
But we have forgotten to water the soil that forgives
Let it live