The weight of memories.

The morning sun casts a golden hue,
A warmth that penetrates the morning dew.
Yet, within the heart of this sacred space,
Lingers an eternal, poignant embrace.

Silent whispers between the departed,
Speak of love, the dearly departed.
Emotions raw, sentiments deep,
Echo promises they couldn’t keep

A mother’s lullaby, soft and low,
Resounds for a child she once did know.
A lover’s vow, once heartfelt and true,
Reverberates, though the days are few.

The weight of memories, heavy and profound,
Saturates the very ground.
Each step taken, every sigh,
Resounds with questions of “why?”

Yet, in the heartache, a silver lining does gleam,
A glint of hope, a distant dream.
For even in this realm of despair,
Love’s enduring spirit fills the air.

As the day progresses and shadows recede,
The graves once open start to concede.
But their stories, emotions so vast,
Remind us that love, truly, does last.

So let tears flow, let hearts ache,
For love’s sake, for love’s sake.
For in the dance of life and death,
Emotion is the very breath.