In a realm where silence holds its sway.

In a realm where silence holds its sway,
Where hallowed stones stand firm and grey,
The church windows, vibrant, tell tales so grand,
Of faith and hope, in a timeless land.

The glowing cross, a beacon so bright,
Guides wandering souls through the darkest night.
Stained glass stories, in colors profound,
Whisper ancient tales, without a sound.

A serene Madonna, in robes of blue,
Holds a universe of love so true.
Angels and symbols, in vivid hue,
Celebrate the Divine, forever anew.

Outside, where tombstones quietly reside,
Memories of past souls coincide.
In this sacred space, both joy and grief,
Find solace, peace, and a heart’s relief.

For in every beam of light that peers,
Through artful windows, shedding silent tears,
There lies a promise, an eternal song,
That love and faith forever belong.